Dr. Mervyn Gerarde Maistry Managing Partner Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation
Ernst & Young GmbH

Mervyn is an MD & MBA with qualifications in Health Economics & Financial Management from the Universities of Cape Town and Natal. In addition to 25 years of work experience, Mervyn also worked for 11 years at senior management level in the investment banking and strategy consulting industry. He led the development of the Accenture Digital Strategy Offering globally before joining EY to lead the Digital Strategy, Innovation and Transformation practice. Until 2010, he was the Global Chief Operating officer of the Information Analytics and Enterprise Services division at Deutsche Bank.

Erster Konferenztag

10:00 AM Digital Business Innovation & Strategy: Beyond SMAC

  • Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have dominated the discussion on digital up to now

  • Those technologies have become standardized and are on the verge to becoming commodity

  • Understanding the difference between data science and strategic analytics to gain competitive advantage

  • Corporates looking for a digital transformation need to envision the integration of the next wave of digital technologies into their innovation portfolios

  • In addition corporates need to rethink processes and priority on innovation and their ecosystems to drive a digital transformation

  • Underlying strategic outcomes of optimize, protect and grow your revenue remains the same

Zweiter Konferenztag

12:00 PM Internationalisierung von digitalen Geschäftsmodellen

  • Welche Chancen und Hürden gibt es bei der Internationalisierung von digitalen Geschäftsmodellen?

  • Think global, go local? Was steckt dahinter?

  • Was können wir von Startups hinsichtlich Internationalisierung lernen?