Dr. Sebastian Saxe CDO, CIO, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
Hamburg Port Authority

Sebastian Saxe started his career in the City of Hamburg and since 2009 he is Board Member of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). Hamburg´s Port is one of the largest ports in the European Union and among the biggest ports in the world. As CIO and CDO Sebastian Saxe has his main focus on the port’s  IT strategy and the digital transformation of the company and its intermodal logistical chain. Currently he is strongly involved in building the smartPORT of Hamburg. The main goal is to make use of all IT megatrends, like Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Mobility to maximize the efficiency in the logistic hub of Hamburg. Sebastian Saxe holds a PhD in mathematics and was one of the CIOs of the year in 2012. Under his guidance the HPA won various prices in the field of IT technology and started its transformation in the digital age. Recently he was chosen as CIO of the year 2015 for small and medium-sized Enterprises.