Raphaël Gindrat CEO

Raphael Gindrat is the CEO and co-founder of BestMile. In January 2014, Raphael graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). He holds a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Transportation. He gained his management skills through a minor in Management of Technology and his 2-year term as President of the EPFL Student Association (8,000 members, CHF 1M budget). Raphael’s expertise comes from his early involvement in the world of autonomous mobility. During the last year of his studies, he worked for the EPFL vice-presidency, focusing on the European project CityMobil2.

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13:00 PM Live Arena mit Impulsvorträgen

Start-ups – Zwischen Konkurrenz, Kooperation und Bildung von Ecosystemen, Kooperationen mit Start ups, um an Innovationskraft zu gewinnen – Präsentationen und Innovationsdialoge. Werden Sie Teil unserer Live-Arena, in der innovative Disruptoren Ihre Geschäftsmodelle vorstellen.

13:00 Autonomous vehicles alone cannot solve our mobility challenges

  • Autonomous mobility is a reality!

  • Autonomous vehicles alone are not sufficient to solve our mobility problems

  • How can we truly transform the way we move?

  • Roadmap

Raphaël Gindrat, CEO, BestMile

13:25 FlixBus: Wie ein innovatives IT-Start-up und der traditionelle Mittelstand gemeinsam Mobilität in Europa verändern
Daniel Krauss, CIO, FlixMobility GmbH

13:45 Ende der Live Arena

15:00 PM Connected Car & Autnonomes Fahren, Driverless on-demand transportation